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Burning Springs
Football 2003

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Reprinted from the Manchester Enterprise
First Round of Playoffs

Burning Springs 40, Big Creek 0

Clay County Co-champion, Burning Springs rolled to an easy 40-0 first-round playoff win over Big Creek Tuesday at Tiger Stadium to advance into next Tuesday's semifinal game with Hacker. Zac Kemp rushed for two touchdown runs of 14 and 32 yards and had two successful conversion runs.

Daniel Sumner scored on runs of 36 and 65-yards and scored two conversions. Reserve quarterback Logan Westerfield scored on a five-yard run and added a conversion. Noah Reid had a carry for 25-yards.

Cameron Wagers and Dillon Durham (fumble recovery) had four and three sacks for losses, respectively.

George Brumley was the leading rusher for the Indians with 21-yards.

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