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Charlie McWhorter for Judge

After eight years of retirement I have decided to run for the office of Clay County Judge Executive. Having served the citizens of Clay County on several boards and organizations, I feel it is time to take that service to the next level. I feel it is time the people of Clay County has an open door to their fiscal court and judges office. It is time to leave the policy of back door politics behind and move forward to a new era of cooperation.

As we begin our campaign we look forward to talking to as many of you as possible and share your goals and hopes for out county. It is time to show our pride in our county and to show the people of Southeast Kentucky, the state of Kentucky and the people of the country just what our county can be when we are free to move forward without the fear of political oppression.

We hope to begin an era of cooperation and transparency between the citizens of our great county and the fiscal court We look forward to cooperating with elected local, state and federal leaders to make Clay County a better place for it citizens and the business community. We will have an open door to businesses that might consider Clay County a home for their job opportunities.

Charlie McWhorter

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