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Burning Springs
Football 2003

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Reprinted from the Manchester Enterprise

Burning Springs 32, Big Creek 8

Daniel Sumner rushed for 150 yards and two touchdowns to lead the second ranked Bobcats to their fifth win in six games. Zac Kemp and Noah Reid also added touchdown runs.

Sumner also had two, two point conversions runs; John Wilson and Logan Westerfied each had a successful conversion run. For the game the Cats rushed for 342 yards. Kemp gained 85 yards, Reid had 73 yards and Wilson 35 yards.

Brandon Jones scored the Indians touchdown on a 40 yard run. Tyler Farmer added the two point conversion.

"I thought our offensive line (Chad Lawson, Nathan Jackson, Felix Gilbert, Zack Lawson and Jacob Griffith) did a good job for us," said coach Mike Stubblefield. "The kids on the line have worked hard and shown improvement over the course of the season." he added.

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