A History of High Knob Lodge #697 F&AM

Shepherdtown, Kentucky
Over One Hundred Years of Masonry

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July 25, 1970
Shelby Dees, Charlie McWhorter and Dudley Wilson were appointed as a committee to buy a stove, curtains, refrigerator and heaters for the lodge hall.

The lodge voted to buy four chairs.
April 24, 1971
A motion was made and approved to buy the necessary fixtures to install a gas stove.
March 24, 1973
John Boston Sandlin and Shelby Dees were appointed to investigate the financial condition and possible admission to the old Masons Home of Brother Earl McGeorge.
April 28, 1973
The secretary was ordered to notify all members that are due their twenty-five year pin to appear on the 4th Saturday in May for presentation. The lodge planned a fish fry on this date and a committee composed of Landon Adams, Charlie McWhorter and Dudley Wilson was to prepare the meal to begin at 1 PM.
May 26, 1973
A motion was made and seconded that the lodge take an offering for the St. Johns Day League Picnic and this offering was to be presented on behalf of the lodge. The amount collected was $18.15.

Twenty-five year pins were presented to Shelby Dees, Henry Eleton, Lawrence Eleton, Haskell Greer, Gilbert Hale, Henry Hignite, Lucian Robinson, James McWhorter and Dudley Wilson.

The petition fee was raised to $15.00
June 22, 1974
The lodge voted to pay the bills for construction of the front steps. The lodge agreed to write a letter of appreciation for the work done on the lodge by the Clay County Concentrated Employment Program.

The lodge voted to increase dues to $15.00 per year and the fee for the three degrees to $50.00.
October 26, 1974
The lodge voted to buy each brethren who passes away at least A $20.00 wreath of flowers.

The Master gave a report on his trip to the Grand Lodge. He reported the Old Mason's home was pretty well full but there was only twenty to thirty children in the Orphan's Home.
February 22, 1975
The lodge voted to order a new set of square and compass (silver in color) to be paid for by Brothers Landon Adams and Haskell Greer in exchange for the old square and compass.

The lodge voted to retire the old Bible, write the names of all members in the Bible and place it in a book shelf that the lodge was to receive or buy.

Jeff Caudill & Jerry McWhorter

April 26, 1975
Visiting Brother Tony Boggs conferred the second section of the Fellowcraft degree on candidate Jerry Wayne McWhorter.
August 23, 1975
The lodge voted to hold stated meetings on the fourth Friday of each month at 7 PM.

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September 20, 1975
The lodge met for the funeral services of Mose Hignite who had been a member for 55 years. Mose was also a former sheriff of Clay County.
November 28, 1975
The lodge voted to buy carpet for the floor from Brother Landon Adams's wife and to paint over the windows rather than to buy curtains.

(The following meeting the lodge voted to buy a security light.)
March 26, 1976
Arthur McWhorter received his 25 year pin.

Douglas Allen, District Deputy Grand Master from Oneida Lodge #736 brought a message from Grand Master H.B. Noble. He spoke of peace and harmony in the lodge, the Demolay for boys and the Rainbow for girls, the St. John's Day League and the serious nature of the ballot.
September 18, 1976
Lodge voted to have a fish fry and invite the families. The committee was Landon Adams, Wayne Thompson, Jerry McWhorter and Dudley Wilson.

Sam Robinson

September 30, 1976
The lodge met for the funeral of Sam Robinson at the Robinson Cemetery. Sam was Master in 1965.
March 25, 1977
The lodge voted to write the Masonic Home Journal about the brothers who were not receiving their Journal.
The lodge requested Grand Lodge proficiency certificates for Wayne Thompson, Dudley Wilson and Jerry McWhorter.

April 22, 1977
Bruce Barker, District Deputy Grand Master, from New Hope #564 made his official visit. He announce the Grand Lodge would send a printout of all Lodge members in June.
September 23, 1977
The lodge voted to allow Shelby Abner's grandson to use the well house for storage.
October 28, 1977
The lodge requested Grand Lodge proficiency cards and certificates for Willard Hale, Haskell Greer, Henry Hignite, Gilbert Hale, J.B. Sandlin, Berlon Robinson, Landon Adams, Harvey Buttery, Charlie McWhorter, Jerry Holcomb and Edwin McGeorge.

Glenn Woods, District Deputy Grand Master from Caution #798 made his official visit and gave a report from Grand Master, Jack Hodges.

Landon Adams

February 2, 1978
Landis Cornett presented the lodge a "beautiful" flag which was donated by the Woodmen of the World Insurance company.
August 30, 1978
The lodge traveled to the home of Landon Adams to confer his funeral services. Landon was Master in 1976. Brothers from several lodges were present for this service.

November 24, 1978
The lodge voted to charge $15.00 for the petition fee, $10.00 for Entered Apprentice Degree, $20.00 for the Fellowcraft degree and $20.00 for the Master Mason degree and this would include dues for the first year.

Russell Jackson

March 23, 1979
The lodge met at Burning Springs Elementary for the purpose of conferring the Master Mason Degree on candidate Russell Jackson. The degree team from Manchester #794 portrayed the "Legend of the Temple".
August 24, 1979
Dues were raised to $20.00. The lodge then closed and traveled to McKee to watch degree work.

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