A History of High Knob Lodge #697 F&AM

Shepherdtown, Kentucky
Over One Hundred Years of Masonry

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January 28, 1950
The lodge ordered Secretary, Robert Hurley to "write a lot of members and see if they would be willing to give a donation on lodge hall". The lodge borrowed $700.00 from Zack Bowman for three months to finish paying for a deed for the land and the first floor of the building.

L.C. Madden

March 30, 1950
A total of fifty-four masons attended the Masonic funeral services held for Robert D. "Coon" Melton. Melton had served as Master 17 times between 1923 and 1945.
December 27, 1952
L.C. Madden was elected to serve as Master for 1953.
November 30, 1955
A Masonic funeral service was held for Brother Elihu W. McDaniel, who had resided at the Old Mason's Home for the past six years. He was the last charter member of High Knob Lodge #697 and had been a Mason for 60 years.

April 26, 1958
The lodge agreed to lease to James McGee, Walter Baulden and Corburn Middleton the first floor of the lodge hall for a church. They were to straighten up lodge hall and put in two windows in front. The payment agreement was that or by the 5th of May each year they pay High Knob Lodge $100 for four years or until the lodge gave a six months notice or the church gave a six months notice.
July 26, 1958
The Grand Lodge Dues were paid for 1958. They were $318.00 which left a balance in the treasury of $196.52. Dues were now $6.00. Those present agreed to let Gilbert Hale, Master, see Pleas Wilson about what kind of deal could be made on the old Shepherdtown school house if and when the present lodge hall was sold.
March 28, 1959
All present voted that the lodge should move and that the lodge should purchase the former Shepherdtown School. There were some things that the lodge would like to have in the deed.

(The original owner or his heirs must pay for all additions on new buildings that are put on the lodge hall. No building to be built within 100 yards of Lodge Hall. Road was not to interfere with the Lodge Hall. The lodge and the church was to have equal parking space. Even though the ground should revert back to the original owner or his heirs the building would be totally owned by the lodge. Frontage was to run to Highway 421.)

A committee consisting of Henry Hignite, Lucian Robinson and Dudley Wilson was appointed to draw up deed with the school board and Pleas C. Wilson.
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April 25, 1959
The subject of renting the lodge's lower room was discussed and the lodge agreed to give the church a six months notice.
July 25, 1959
The lodge agreed that Gilbert Hale and Dudley Wilson should see John Humfleet and try to get him to sell the hall. It was further agreed and approved that they be empowered and authorized to act as trustees for and on behalf of this lodge to sell and transfer titles and to secure deed for property to be purchased.

(The building sold for $1600.00.)

1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 Text Version

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