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Shepherdtown, Kentucky
Over One Hundred Years of Masonry

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December 27, 1940
An election was not held because a lack of enough members present. The Lodge ordered Secretary, Lucian Bond, to ask the Grand Secretary to allow the lodge to hold an election on January 25, 1941 and to notify all members, urgently, to be there on said election day.

(Note: The lodge received a dispensation from the Grand Master, Charles Keith of Richmond, to hold its annual election January 25, 1941.)

Emile Beatty

January 25, 1941
The lodge voted to move the Lodge Hall to a plot of land on Pike #21 near Egypt at the Jackson-Clay County line.
February 22, 1941

Brother Emile B. Beatty, Grand Junior Warden, Grand Lodge of Kentucky of Proctor Lodge #213, Beattyville and Brother J.L. Tigue, "Key Man", Manchester Lodge #794, Manchester were present. Brother Beatty installed the newly elected officers. According to the minutes both men gave "very Interesting" talks.

This is the first recorded visit of a Grand Lodge officer at High Knob Lodge #697.

September 27, 1941
The lodge ordered the Secretary to order one Setting maul for the lodge at a cost of $4.50 and 17 cents postage. This left a total in the bank of $110.64.
October 25, 1941
The lodge ordered secretary, Lucian Bond, to notify all members that on November 5, 1941, to "take down the Masonic Hall and to have said hall moved to another site on Pike #21, near the Jackson and Clay County line and High Knob Lodge will hold their next meeting at the Egypt Church house on Pike #21 at Egypt until the Masonic hall is moved and built on new site, then the lodge members will move in and carry on their Masonic work. And also all members that can't work on building might feel like donating a bit on the building to move and set up to completion."
June 27, 1942
Then treasurer paid Pleas C. Wilson $18.80 for lumber April 18, 1942 for Masonic Hall. Then he paid Green Abner $3.50 for carpentry work on Masonic Hall on April 11, 1942, then paid Homer Forman $3.45 for work on the roof May 14, 1942, then paid S.R. Forman $10.62 for work on the hall May 15, 1942, then paid Stephen R. Forman $4.20 on May 28, 1942 for work on the hall. Then he paid the Masonic Home Journal $1.00 for receipt book and 18 cards on June 10, 1942.
August 22, 1942
Robert D. Melton asked for a deed or papers to be drew up so he and his wife Rebecca Melton, could sign over some rights to the Masonic Hall on the second floor to have and to hold so long as the order and High Knob Lodge lives or exists. At this time the lodge owned only the second floor of the lodge hall. The first floor was used as a store.

Joe Tigue

October 24, 1942
High Knob Lodge #697, F & AM met in their hall at the Clay County/Jackson County line, near Egypt in Clay County. The lodge opened in third degree of masonry in form at 1:30 PM with Brother Joe L. Tigue, Grand Senior Warden, Grand Lodge of Kentucky, filling the Master's station in the East. During this meeting Grant McQueen took his Entered Apprentice degree.

November 28, 1942
The Secretary had the deed made and signed by Mrs. Rebecca Melton and Mr. Robert D. Melton, her husband to the Masonic Hall, then the secretary drew from treasury 50 cents to pay for making the deed, and $2.25 for recording the deed. Then the lodge received $1.50 from Zack Bowman for the Masonic window panes from the old hall.
February 26, 1944
After some planning and the lodge agreed for secretary, Robert Hurley, go to Robinson's mill and get on try to get lumber to run the stairs up to the second floor.
June 24, 1944
Robert Melton agreed to meet Robert Hurley at the hall on Monday June 26 and take care of the lumber to build the stairs for the lodge hall. The secretary drew from the treasury $11.35 to pay for lumber to build stairs to lodge hall. A total of $178.01 was in the treasury.
July 22, 1944
Joe Tigue, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky visited High Knob Lodge. (This was the first time a Grand Master had ever visited High Knob lodge.)
October 28, 1944
Brother Eliu W. McDaniel, the lodge's only charter member, who was blind, paid his 1944 dues of $3.25 on the eighth day of November.
April 27, 1946
The lodge made an order to pay Mose W. Hignite $45.71 for building material. Then there was an order to hire a carpenter to seal and finish the work up stairs. Then there was an order of the lodge to go and try to buy the first floor of the building. The committee was Mose W. Hignite, T.E. Gabbard and Estill Greer.

Marion Melton

December 27, 1946
Marion Melton was elected on the first ballot to serve as Master for 1947. The next evening during the regular stated communication of the lodge the Entered Apprentice and Master Mason degree were conferred. His home was burned that night and Brother Melton was killed. Masonic grave side funeral services were conferred on January 1, 1947.

Willard Hale, Senior Warden, served the remaining portion of Brother Melton's term in 1947.

October 25, 1947
The lodge paid Brother Henry Hale $30.00 for painting the lodge hall and Brother Willard Hale $26.30 for supplies.
February 28, 1948
The lodge voted to pay Charley Forman $40.60 for having the Lodge Hall wired for lights and also paid William T. Shephard $6.50 for Tyler work and Robert L. Hurley $4.65 for stamps and $13.00 for secretary work for 1947.
April 24, 1948
A committee on a new building was formed: Mose Hignite, Henry Hale and Clarence Ferguson. (During the July meeting the committee recommend the lodge build a hall above the church. This recommendation was rejected.)
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August 28, 1948
Twenty-Eight members of High Knob along with three visitors were present for the conferral of all three degrees.
August 27, 1949
Lodge voted to buy an electric fan.
October 22, 1949
Zack Bowman, Jr. was paid $51.46 for supper and Dudley Wilson was paid $13.60 for part of supper. Clarence Wilson was paid $18.00 for a fan. The lodge ordered the building committee to sell the hall so the lodge could make preparations to build a new hall. Secretary, Robert Hurley was to ask all neighboring lodges for their consent and to notify Grand Lodge.
November 26, 1949
Willard Hale was appointed and paid $20.00 to take Brother Elihu W. McDaniel to the old Mason's Home.

A committee consisting of Zack Bowman, Sr., Lucian Robinson and Roscoe St. John was appointed to see the owner of the first floor of Masonic Hall and notify him that the lodge would sell the second floor of the building in six months.

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