A History of High Knob Lodge #697 F&AM

Shepherdtown, Kentucky
Over One Hundred Years of Masonry

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September 24, 1921
The lodge voted to notify Brother James W. Robinson to be at the next Regular stated meeting to answer charges that he was selling spurious books.

An amendment was passed by unanimous ballot to change bylaws. The lodge changed the meeting date from the Saturday after the full moon to the fourth Saturday in each month.
October 22, 1921
During a trial for Brother James Robinson it was testified by Brother Robert D. Melton that Robinson, did on or about the 10th of July, 1921 at the public square in London offer to sell him the book "Morgan's Exposure of Masonry" a book exposing the secrets of masonry. (During the regular meeting in November Robinson was expelled.)
November 25, 1922
The lodge voted to pay $2.85 to the Masonic Home Journal to pay for Resolution of Respect for Brother Zachriar Jackson.

Robert D. Melton and James H. Forman were ordered to buy stove and repair stove flue and draw on treasury for same. Brother Robert D. Melton and Brother John B. Bond were ordered to confer with Eastern Star chapter to help pay for the stove.

(This is the only mention of an Easter Star Chapter at the High Knob lodge hall.)

The lodge requested Secretary, James Forman, write John Pitman lodge #690 to come the fourth Saturday in December and bring the Winding Stairs and confer the Winding Stair Lecture.
February 23, 1924
A letter from Mrs. George Washington Brown was read before the lodge. Secretary, Lucian Bond, was asked to correct her as to wether she was entitled to $20.00 for burial expenses.

"I wrote her February 25, 1924 that the lodge never did allow anyone burial expenses. Nothing more than to give what ever the lodge saw fit to give, if they are not able to support them selves, or have some kind of a income and are in distressful circumstances and the she has been misinformed about it, I'm sorry to say so." wrote Bond.
March 28, 1925
The lodge voted to pay Brother Lincoln Shell $1.05 for some lumber to build steps.
June 27, 1925
During 1925 the Grand Lodge of Kentucky ordered a $5.00 assessment for each member for the Widow's and Orphans home. This raised dues from $3.25 to $8.25. During this June meeting a total of six members were suspended for non-payment of dues.

(Between 1925 and 1930 High Knob Lodge lost over 20 members by suspension or demit.)

Robert "Coon" Melton

January 23, 1926
Robert D. Melton, Master, said he would donate to the lodge, if he or his proxy goes to the next Grand Lodge meeting in 1926, all his mileage and per dime above his expenses. Brother William S. Shell promised to donate the mileage per dime of 1925 (last year) all above his expenses and two years dues. Lucian S. Bond donated his Secretaries labor for 1925. It was moved that the lodge make a note and raise $100.00 to finish paying off the 1925 Widow and Orphan's New Home assessment and to send it to the Grand Lodge office by March 1, 1926.

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June 26,1926
Nine members were suspended for non-payment of dues.
August 28, 1926
A list of the names of the members of Pond Fork Lodge #601 were read. This lodge had gone defunct due to the inability of the lodge to pay Grand Lodge dues and assessments. High Knob lodge recommended to the Grand Lodge that each member of Pond Fork in good standing be granted a demit. High Knob lodge voted that they would be willing to move into the old Pond Fork hall at Annville.

(In the 1927 minutes the following visitors from Pond Fork were listed, therefore; going defunct was a temporary situation: Henry Smith, George Roach, David York, John Sexton, R.H. Johnston, Ben Harrison, W.W. Reynolds, Delbert York and Joe Johnston.)

The lodge made a note to Mrs. Francis Wilson for $65.00 at 6% interest to finish paying Grand Lodge dues and assessments. The lodge sent to the Jackson County Bank $213.48 by Lucian S. Bond, Treasurer, and drew out $213.25 to send Grand Secretary for Grand Lodge dues and assessments. This left a balance in the bank of 28 cents.
September 24, 1927
Fees for each degree were $10.00 each. The petition fee remained $10.00.

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