A History of High Knob Lodge #697 F&AM

Shepherdtown, Kentucky
Over One Hundred Years of Masonry

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February 26, 1910
The lodge voted to raise dues to $2.25 per year to be paid on or before the 31st day of March.
May 28, 1910
The lodge purchased a resolution of respect for Jacob Gabbard in the Masonic Home Journal at the cost of $1.75.
February 18, 1911
The lodge paid C.C. Clark $2.10 for a new minutes book.
April 15, 1911
The lodge voted to buy ballots.
July 10, 1911
The lodge donated Brother Henry L. Morgan's widow $10.00. Brother William S. Shell and Brother Enoch Longworth were appointed to go to Mrs. Morgan and see if she would consent to have her children placed in the Masonic orphan's home and take her the money donated to her by the lodge.
February 3, 1912
Lodge voted to buy a manual of the lodge and receipt book and paid ten cents for a dipper.
April 6, 1912
The lodge voted to pay Lizzie Teague fifty cents for washing aprons.
June 1, 1912
Lodge ordered that William M. Wilson buy four good curtains for the windows.
July 6, 1912
Lodge voted to pay William M. Wilson eighty cents for one-half blinds and to pay J.W. Lannders $1.00 for lodge manual.
August 28, 1915
Lee J. Webb of Pond Fork Lodge #601 was present to ask permission to move their lodge hall to Bond, Kentucky which was cheerfully granted.

Fifty cents was paid to the Masonic Home Journal for one Receipt book for keeping a record of dues. $2.25 was paid to Crit Bond for wages in full as Secretary (less stamps) for the year of 1915. A note against the lodge was given John B. Bond for $32.00 to be sent to the Grand Lodge with annual returns which was sent with $40.05 cash. Total amount being $72.50 for all members.
March 25, 1916
An amendment of Chapter eight in the by-laws was passed that the dues by the members of the Lodge shall be $2.75 each year to be paid on or before the 31st day of March.
February 14, 1917
The lodge met for the purpose of discussing whether the lodge can send to the Masonic Home the two children of Brother John H. Ward, deceased. William S. Shell was ordered by the lodge to go to Conway, Kentucky for the purpose of getting data for an application which would allow the children go to the Masonic Widows and Orphans home.
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March 10, 1917
The lodge ordered that the Treasurer pay William S. Shell $6.00 in full for Doctors statements and other expenses incurred for the sending Brother John H. Ward's two children to the Widows and Orphans home, Louisville, Kentucky. William S. Shell was ordered by the lodge to go the Widows and Orphans Home with the children of John H. Ward.

(Brother John H. Ward died January 23, 1917. His two children were sent to the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, Roy Dexter Ward, born August 14, 1903 and Ora May Ward, born February 13, 1906). They entered the Masonic Home June 5, 1917.

Lodge voted that the treasurer pay James H. Forman fifteen cents for window lights for lodge room windows.

Lodge ordered the secretary to write the secretary of Breathitt Lodge #649 in regard to the helpless condition of Alfred A Gambill, now in our jurisdiction for assistance.

Lucian Bond

June 9, 1917
Expenses spent by Brother William S. Shell for taking two children of Brother John H. Ward was as follows: round trip from Bond to Louisville $17.62. The lodge received back from William S. Shell $2.38 from the $10.00 drawn from the treasury.

High Knob Lodge borrowed from Lucian S. Bond $10.00 at 10% interest.
September 8, 1917
The lodge sent to Grand Lodge $74.00 for Grand Lodge dues for 1917.

The lodge borrowed from Lucian S. Bond $14.49 to finish paying Grand Lodge dues.

September 13, 1919
The lodge sent to T.J. Adams, Superintendent of the Widows and Orphans Home, discharge papers for the release of Ray Ward, age 16, from the home. He had been on vacation and did not return to the Home at the time prescribed by the Rules and Regulations governing the home.

1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 Text Version

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