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KMBZ -- 1-5AM Rush
KFYO-XX -- 6-7AM Wall Street Journal
KIDO-AM -- 6-7:30AM Wall Street Journal
KRMG-AM -- 8:30-11:45AM Bortz
KBLU-AM -- 9-Noon Beck
KARN-AM -- 10-Noon Beck
WVNN-AM -- 10-Noon Bortz
KFYO-XX -- 10-Noon Bortz
WNIS-AM -- 10-Noon Bortz
KRMG-AM -- 11:45AM-Noon Harvey
WVNN-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
KRMG-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
KARN-AM --Noon-3 Rush
KBLU-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
WNIS-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
KFYO-XX -- Noon-3 Rush
KVOR-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
KIDO-AM -- Noon-3 Rush
KOA-AM -- 2-5PM Rush
KARN-AM -- 3-3:30PM Harvey
WVNN-AM -- 3-6PM Sean
KBLU-AM -- 3-6PM Sean
WNIS-AM -- 3-6PM Sean
KFYO-XX -- 3-6PM Sean
KVOR-AM -- 3-6PM Sean
KRMG-AM -- 4-7PM Sean
KIDO-AM -- 5-8PM Beck
KBLU-AM -- 6-9PM Beck
KVOR-AM -- 6-9PM Beck
WNIS-AM -- 6-9PM Savage
KRMG-AM -- 7-10PM Savage
KFYO-XX -- 8-10PM Levin
KIDO-AM -- 8-10PM Levin
KBLU-AM -- 9-10PM FoxSports
WNIS-AM -- 9-10PM Bortz Overload
KVOR-AM -- 9-11PM Savage
KARN-AM -- 9PM-12 Sean
WVNN-AM -- 10PM-12 Levin
KVOR-AM -- 11-1AM Levin
WVNN-AM -- Rush 1-4 PM SA
KRMG-AM -- Rush 2-5PM SA
WBT-AM -- Rush 4-7PM SA
KARN-AM -- Rush 7-8PM SA
KBLU-AM -- Rush 11AM-2PM SU
WNIS-AM -- Rush 1-4 PM SU
KFYO-XX -- Rush 1-4 PM SU
KVOR-AM -- Rush 6-10 PM SU
KOA-AM -- Paul Harvey on demand
WVLK-AM -- Lexington Radio 590-AM


1:00 - Profile America
No Spot - Date ID

Monday through Saturday

2:00 - On The House Tip of the Day
Spot Inserted - No Date - Current Info


Little Known Facts

Wyatt Cox

3:00 - Accross Kentucky from Farm Bureau
Spot Inserted - No Date

2:00 - Old Farmer's Almanac
Spot Inserted - Date ID

2:00 - Jim Hightower
Tag at End - No Date

1:00 - Medical Edge Radio from Mayo Clinic
No Spot - No Date

1:00 - Science UpDate

1:00 - UK College of Agriculture
No Spot - No Date - No Daily Net


3:00 - In Fisherman Radio an Outdoor Channel Production
Spot Inserted - No Date

3:00 - Ducks Unlimited
Spot Inserted - No Date - Net version Incomplete

5:00 - Fox News Radio

1:30 - Moment In Time
No Spot - No Date

Daily Net - With sermon

2:00 - My Money Life
No Spot - No Date

7:00 - Family New In Focus
No Spot - No Date - Current Info

4:00 - BreakPoint
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

5:00 - Man2Man Express

2:00 - Lighten Up

2:00 - Power Surge
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

2:00 - A Quick Word with Beth Moore
No Spot - No Date - mostly sermon

2:00 - Gripping Thought
No Spot - No Date - mostly sermon

1:30 - Answers with Ken Ham
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

1:30 - Real Family Life
No Spot - Date ID - mostly sermon

1:00 - James Dobson Family Minute
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

1:00 - Beyond The News Commentary
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

1:00 - Parenting Today's Teen
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

1:00 - The Point
No Spot - No Date - good info with sermon

1:00 - Portriats of Grace
No Spot - No Date - mostly sermon

1:00 - Just a Minute
No Spot - No Date - mostly sermon

1:00 - Woman After God's Own Heart
No Spot - No Date - mostly sermon

No Daily Net

4:00 - The American Storyteller
No Spot - No Date - No Daily Net

2:00 - It's A Matter of Your Health
Spot Inserted - No Date - No Daily Net

1:30 - 90-Second Naturalist a production of the Cincinnati Zoo
No Spot - No Date - No Daily Net

1:30 - Daily Money Makeover
Spot Inserted - No Date - No Daily Net

1:00 - This Day In Space
Spot Inserted - Date ID - No Daily Net

1:30 - Bloomberg Bootcamp
No Spot - No Date


Race-Talk" and "Radio-Road-Test

Wisdom Made in America

today in country music

CNN in :60

ET Minute

Jimmy Kimmel

Jay Leno

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Letterman Top Ten

CBS Health Watch

Katie Couric's Notebook

Last Night With Larry King

Raising our Kids

Real Life Minute




Celebrity Radio

How to Podcast

Home Security

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